In 2009 research was conducted with a group of women in Birmingham UK. Introducing the concept of Somatic Movement Education into a multi-cultural diverse community through the medium of African and Caribbean dance. This research had been the opportunity to explore and find a somatic context for the development of African Healing Dance which is rooted in African and Caribbean culture.

African Healing dance (as it was named at the time) was aimed at connecting women and communities to rediscover the healing qualities of movement that lie within. Creating a safe space, one that gave the individual the opportunity to rediscover an awareness of the potential and the power of movement.

African Healing dance was not just a physical dance, it engaged the entire being. This holistic, synthesised, somatic movement approach allowed the individual to embrace the spirit of dance in community, finding support in themselves and each other, whilst sharing, the benefits as seen in other somatic movement education practices.

African holistic dance is now emerging as a spiritual practice, a vehicle for inner change with the potential to support one’s personal growth and a tool for liberation. This practice has evolved and is still evolving out of ancient wisdom drawing from the vibrant and subtle energies of Africa whilst sustaining a deep and strong connection to the earth theuniverse and nature.

As a choreographer, performer, teacher, community artist and African Holistic Dance practitioner my dance experience is grounded in traditional African and Caribbean dance forms as well as classical, contemporary and creative dance.

African Holistic Dance has a focus on the Health andwellbeing of the individual, the relationship with their bodies and connection with nature.

The process allows the participant to develop a deepened awareness of their body, whilst having an opportunity torediscover themselves within a group setting this enables themto creatively share their dance movement.

This freedom of expression from their cultural perspective allows them to have a voice, to be seen, heard make sense of their feelings and emotions through creative movement, whilst building a relationship with others within the group. Byembracing various theories, a sense of ritual this practiceconnects and supports people from all cultures in a safe supportive healing space facilitated by rhythm, movement, breath meditation and dance.

I will be able to share my skills as a choreographer, performer, teacher, community artist and that of an independent Somatic movement practitioner with a complimentary therapeutic movement practice with a specialism of African Caribbean culture as well as my expertise of community development.

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